Define Organizational Culture and Implementation


Mr. Edgar Schein’s concepts and ideas on organization culture are all based on his lifelong research and field consulting. With his guidance, Zest Learning consultants team will be able to help you define your organization culture. Our services include but not limited the following.

Though the essence of a group’s culture is its pattern of shared, basic taken-for-granted assumptions, the culture will manifest itself at the level of observable artifacts and shared espoused values, norms and rules of behavior. In analyzing cultures, it is important to recognize that artifacts are easy to observe but difficult to decipher and that espoused beliefs and values my only reflect rationalizations or aspirations.


 · Define “business statement”

· Review of culture related concepts

· Artifacts

· Espoused beliefs and values

 · Basic Underlying Assumptions

 · Culture DNA scan

 · Organization culture execution and implementation

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