Organization Effectiveness

-    Talent development strategy and execution
-    Career development strategy and framework
-    Learning & development strategy for business impact
-    Train the trainer for corporate internal facilitators

Technical (Knowledge) People Development

Several consultants from Zest Learning are very strong with IT industry practical working experience and we also have IT customers like Adobe, Cisco and Intel.

Zest Learning offers technical people development solutions on technical people development road map, technical leadership, technical people career development and mentoring system for technical people.


Major offerings:

-          Competence model and maturity assessment for technical people development

-          Development roadmap and execution

-          Technical leadership skills for technical managers and tech leads

-          Mentoring and coaching for technical (knowledge) talents


Career Development is not about climbing the ladder

Our principal consultant has been the Intel Asia employee career development program manager for over 3 years. It is a program covering over 25 thousand Intel Asia employees and helped employee satisfaction level on career development increased above 10%. It is also a major contribution to Intel’s continuous top listing on the American Best Employers by Fortune magazine.


Major offerings:

-          Holistic strategy and framework for career development (organization, managers and employees level)

-          Communication and promotion plan for career development execution

-          Manager maturity level assessment (an online tool) in employee development and motivation

-          Career development best practices for managers

-          Career development best practices for employees

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