Career Anchor based Team Member Development-for Managers

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  • Understand people development concepts and tools
  • Raise awareness of the importance of people development for managers
  • Career Anchors latest version introduction and how to use the tool in the right way
  • Practice team members development role play and case studies




Key Modules


I.  Employee Development methodology and concepts


Why team member development?

  • Career development is not about climbing the ladder
  • Career and people development-My roles and responsibilities? 

Unique valueThis module will put Development Best as the end state in mind and introduce how to combine team members’ willingness, capability and organizational needs together.


IICareer Anchors-latest version

  • Career Orientation Assessment
  • Why Career Anchors?
  • Career Anchors and career planning and management
  • Career history tracking and career anchors identification 

Unique valueCareer Anchors-latest version, to understand your career motives, competence and values.


IIIApplication of Career Anchors

  • Current status review
  • Job/Role planning
  • Career Anchors in changing working environment
  • Development and action planning based on career anchors 

Unique valueZest Learning’s solutions are not just on the tools, but also focusing on how to link career anchors to career plan, development and action planning.


IV.  Creative Ways of Team Members Development

How to develop skills and capabilities through Development Opportunities?

  • 10/20/70 and other development models introduction
  • 10/20/70 and other development models practice and role plays


Unique valueThe industry widely adopted team members development

Methods, which has been used by multinationals e.g. GE, Intel. We

will customerize the case studies to ensure development through

task/project/program assignment, instead of talking about promotion



VPeople Development Practice module

  • Do’s and Do’not in team members development
  • Role plays between actual managers and team members
  • Personal action plan,tools

Unique valueWe will pre-course survey to make sure this module

is linked closely with work situation and hands on practice will

make sure to happen!


VITeam members development toolkit-for managers only

  • Team members development toolkit
  • Case studies-team development challenges and how to address
  • Practice and role plays


Unique valueConsolidation of all key points into managers’ toolkit. Managers can easily use back into work.


Follow up or coaching (optional)-1 dayAfter going back to work, managers will list out the challenges in using the tools, and also challenges in developing team members. In 1-1.5 months after the training, the instructor can coach the managers on addressing the challenges.


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